Exhibitions & Events

Here is a  List of Gallery Exhibitions & Events

I absolutely adore showcasing my work at gallery exhibitions & events all over the world. There are a number of fixed outlets in and around where I live in Mid Wales that stock my work all year round, but I am always keen to take part in events and exhibitions throughout the UK and of course further afield.  Currently I have 3 Solo Art Exhibitions planned for 2018. If you have a gallery and would like to exhibit my work then please do not hesitate to contact me and we can go from there.

             Liz Harris – The Rowan Stone

Gallery Exhibitions





Elan Valley Visitor Centre – Mid Wales  

Rhayader Museum and Gallery – Mid Wales

Junk and Disorderly – Mid Wales

Made in the Marches Gallery – Mid Wales 


Events 2018


Elan Valley Visitor Centre –  Solo Exhibition for 3 months


Exhibitions & Events are at the heart of any artist I do them in order to  expand both my knowledge and my portfolio.

Keen to collaborate ? Drop me an email to discuss your ideas.

One final note on stockists. I am always being contacted by various outlets to stock my work on an exclusivity basis. Unless you are going to purchase stock outright in volume of either sensory stones or limited edition prints then there will be no opportunity for exclusivity.

Original Canvasses are located by me in carefully selected outlets to give maximum exposure to either the medium used or the subject matter.

Art is a soulful pursuit and to be seen by many both in it’s physical form and of course online. An online gallery is planned for 2018 to give overseas buyers the opportunity to purchase my work as easy as it is for my clients and customers here in Wales and the UK.

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